Vietnam COVID: The Ultimate Stay At Home Kit – Virtual Trips?

Vietnam COVID: The Ultimate Stay At Home Kit – Virtual Trips?

International travel has become a luxury since the COVID-19 pandemic started invading our ordinary life and who would have guessed it would last that long – almost 2 years. All of the terms “quarantine”, “social distancing”, “lockdown”, "fully vaccinated" seem like forming a new daunting normal.

We at Asiart Travels had many of our clients putting off their booked accommodation and flight tickets on their Vietnam trips cancellation. But here we are giving you another way to see Vietnam while stay at home and cheers to the day we see each other face-to-face without face masks on.

Enjoy your (spiritually) virtual trips to Southeast Asia and fingers crossed Vietnam COVID will be soon gone!

Plant Tropical Plants or Herbs


Nothing would give you the Exotic scent as much as the smell of those tropical fruits or that herbal tea. Lemongrass, Pineapple, Mango… Don’t be overwhelmed by the whole “planting your own garden”.

Start small! Instead of throwing away that mango seed, you can definitely regrow by following simple steps and while it’s doing its best to reproduce, imagine the sweetness of that Mango you grew yourself just because you were too bored staying at home during the lockdown.

2 in 1 result: the tropical taste, and no faux plants allowed in the house from now on!

Browse here for instructions on how to grow a Mango tree at home

Browse here for instructions on growing Lemongrass organically from your garden

Take a 360 Degree Virtual Trip From Home


How about exploring those attractions that have been on your list for years without leaving your home. From a significant destination sightseeing like Halong Bay to that coastal train ride, or Opera House, and many more to name… here is how to have a digital staycation or simply travel from the comfort of your couch.

Google's Special Project: Wonders of Vietnam

Hotels Around the World Are Livestreaming Their Views to Make You Feel Like You’re on Vacation

Cook Vietnamese Dishes


Nothing satisfies better than tasting the foods you are craving. Especially during the social distance when restaurant dishes and delivery are either limited or inaccessible at all.

And the fusion flavors are just too ecstatic to handle and hard to replicate, which I mean Vietnamese cuisines specifically and Southeast Asia's oriental recipes generally.

From that Vietnamese noodle soup to those sweet-tooth treats that make you nostalgic. Why not trying some stay-at-home cooking ideas to spice your kitchen up with the exotic cuisines suggested by Asiart Travels below?

Banh my – Vietnamese Baguette aka Vietnamese Sandwich

Nem ran – Vietnamese Spring rolls

Banh cuon – Vietnamese rolled cake

Bun cha – Vietnamese Kebab noodle / vermicelli

Che – Vietnamese sweet soup

Donate and Give back While at Home


The distancing makes it seem impossible to help those who continuously fight for our soon-normal day by day: healthcare workers, grocery store staff, delivery people, and anyone who is thriving to keep our daily life moving. Other than those praising, you may show your gratitude by sending your support by giving back.

Imagine someone in need of a vaccine dose and you are their hero!

Here is a list of non-profit / charity organizations with specifically related campaigns supporting COVID-19 fighters in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City 2021:

Unicef: Donate Vietnam

Song Foundation: Be Strong Vietnam

Saigon Children: Covid 19 Crisis

Just so you know, Asiart Travels is still available to assist you at your best hand. So, feel free to contact us if you need any updates or Vietnam trips planning from Southeast Asia. And stay tuned for further news from us! Stay safe, mindful and healthy!

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