Ultimate Guide For How To Get To Halong Bay?

Ultimate Guide For How To Get To Halong Bay?


As we all know, Halong Bay, which consists of nearly 2000 large and small islands, is a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. It is one of the most outstanding stops in Vietnam that you should visit once in your lifetime.

This bay is an ideal choice for discerning travellers because of its beauty, which catches the attention of both Vietnamese and foreign tourists at first sight.

If you get itchy feet now, do not hesitate to travel to this breathtaking destination. Nowadays, there are a lot of ways for you to get to Halong Bay. Here are four popular means for you to consider.


When you and your family want to enjoy a private trip, driving on your own car is quite suitable, or you can hire one with driver to get to Bai Chay Station. Traveling on a car helps you not only take control of your time but also go anywhere you plan to explore this stunning natural beauty.

The shortest route to get to Halong Bay from Hanoi is about 155 km long. It is about a three-hour drive from the capital of Vietnam.

Also, you can hit the road by catching a coach to get to Halong Bay. For example, if you are in Hanoi, you can choose one of some coaches in My Dinh Station or Luong Yen Station. Usually, it takes about from three to four hours to get to Halong Bay. The price is quite low which is about 100.000 to 200.000 Dong for a trip, according to what kind of car you choose.


Seaplanes must be strange to many people. They have been used as a mean to get to Halong Bay since 2014. It all feels so special as visitors will be able to enjoy this magnificent sight from a height of 150 to 3,000 meters above sea level.

Moreover, seaplanes make you feel as though you are the “god” of this land while you are looking down from above and every single area eventually comes into view.

This type of plane has two seats for pilots, twelve seats for passengers with wide windows, which not only helps visitors save time, but also helps you comfortably see the beautiful view and record memorable moments of Halong Bay. This experience is different, and it is a unique feeling.


Beautiful view from the seaplane

If you have watched the movie Kong: Skull Island, you must have seen the majestic beauty of Halong Bay. However, they are only images that you watch in the movie. To prove the truth with your own eyes, you should not miss a good chance of traveling by seaplanes so that you will have unforgettable memories.

On the other hand, you had better consider the price of each ticket before booking because seaplanes, the same price compared to an international flight, cost more than other means. But you will get your money’s worth with it.


Visiting Halong Bay by ships is always the first activity for all tourists when they travel to Ha Long. From Ha Long City, you can hire a private ship for your family.

Currently, there are five tourist routes for you to choose to get to most of the attractions in this place such as Thien Cung, Tam Cung, Sung Sot Cave, Ti Tot Island, and so on. Let’s prepare to be dazzled by such distinctly beautiful caves.

The trains start hourly. You can choose between long and short journey, whichever is more suitable for your route. Taking a long trip, you can visit many places or stop at many caves. You can not take your eyes off such pristine caves.

On the contrary, the short journey only takes you to the most prominent features to save time, which is suitable for such families that have old people and young children to avoid feeling tired due to taking the train for too long.

Nowadays, there are more than 500 ships, including from 10 to 50 seats, especially there are 185 vessels that are allowed to serve guests who want to stay overnight on Halong Bay.

The price of hiring a ship is various, depending on the quality and service it provides. On holiday, its cost can be higher. The attention to detail when you travel by ship is that they serve meals with a varied menu. Seafood is the most important thing you must try to eat.

In 2012, my family came to Quang Ninh to visit my relatives. At that time, I luckily had a chance of traveling to Halong Bay by ship. It was the first time I traveled on a ship since I was young and that feeling was so strange but exciting. I think that everyone should experience this trip at least once in their lives.


Ships to Halong Bay


Another pleasant vehicle worth trying to take is a train, which has a route from Hanoi to Halong. The trains travel on this railway and Ha Long Station is their terminus, which is also very close to both Bai Chay tourist area and Ha Long Bay.

Admittedly, traveling on a train might not be one of the prioritised things you think of doing when getting to this bay, but taking a train to Halong Bay is almost a must. Typically, the train route is designed primarily for local people. However, your trip will be much more unforgettable by trying this opportunity to understand better the life of the Vietnamese people.

Spend much time - about seven hours - on the train might not boring when you have enough time to experience something far more interesting than other vehicles, you can enjoy many beautiful scenes along the way.

For more details, you can choose the Halong Express tourist train which departs from Gia Lam Station to Halong Bay by booking on its official website to take this epic adventure to take a comprehensive approach to every single side of this land.

Overall, according to your wish, you can choose the most suitable mean to get to Halong Bay. Many fascinating things are waiting for you there. You can experience swimming in Halong Bay, dining in a cave, and so on. It is worth spending your free time on traveling to this attractive destination. Halong Bay will definitely win your heart at first sight due to its beautiful nature.