How To Travel From Hanoi To Halong Bay? (FULL ANSWER HERE)

How To Travel From Hanoi To Halong Bay? (FULL ANSWER HERE)

If you are wondering how to reach Halong Bay from Hanoi, you have come to the right place! Check out this article for the detailed answer.

Halong Bay – a World Heritage site recognised by UNESCO - is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. Dotted with nearly 2000 limestone islands and islets, Halong Bay welcomes thousands of tourists on a daily basis, both locals and foreigners.

If you are planning to visit Halong Bay this summer, we have a comprehensive guide on transportation for you. Find out the fastest way to travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay now!


This is undoubtedly the ideal option for those who travel on a budget. From Gia Lam station in Hanoi, you can catch the bus to Bai Chay Station in Halong City by spending only $6. The journey takes about three hours thanks to the new highway, but expect to wait longer as the bus will stop along the way to pick up passengers.

hanoi-to-halong-bay-by-busExplore Halong Bay now by bus

Buses transferring from My Dinh Bus Station to Bai Chay Station are faster, cheaper and more comfortable. If traveling by bus is your liking, you can catch the #34 bus to reach My Dinh Station from the following bus stops: Van Mieu, Hai Ba Trung, and Nha Hat Lon.

Shuttle buses are also available for $10 to $20 per person. If you book a Hanoi to Halong Bay cruise service, it usually provides this means of transportation for free. Note that the shuttle buses depart from Hanoi center only.


If comfort is your number one priority, a private car is highly recommended. You can either rent one with driver or drive by yourself, as long as you know the rules. However, transportation in Vietnam is quite scary to foreigners; I must say so.

hanoi-to-halong-bay-private-carPrivate car is a good option to get to Halong Bay

Traveling by private car has a variety of advantages. Firstly, the schedule is under your control. Secondly, you and your family can admire the stunning landscapes along the way in the Hanoi to Halong Bay day trip. Thirdly, feel free to enjoy the private space with no strangers.


Seaplane is the best traveling options in your cruise from Hanoi to Halong Bay if you do not mind the cost.

Have you ever heard about this means of transportation? The seaplanes have been introduced as a way to visit Halong Bay since 2014. They are a smaller version of a plane, with two seats for pilots and twelve seats for passengers.

Sitting on a seaplane, visitors can take a panoramic view of the magnificent landscapes in Halong Bay from the height of 150 to 3000 meters above sea level. I bet you cannot take your eyes off the pristine beauty of hundreds of islands with unique shapes and crystal-clear blue water.

hanoi-to-halong-bay-seaplaneBest way to discover Halong Bay beauty - travelling by seaplane

You will have 15 minutes for sightseeing over Halong Bay in the 45-minute journey from Noi Bai international airport to Tuan Chau Marina by seaplanes. If you are going on a Hanoi to Halong Bay tour, contact the agency to book the service via Hai Au aviation.


A train is also a common option when traveling from Hanoi to Halong Bay. There is an official train going from Yen Vien Train Station to Ha Long Train Terminal, near the Bai Chay bus station. You can buy the ticket directly at Yen Vien station or book online via the official website of Vietnam Railways. The fee is relatively cheap, about 70,000 VND for a hard wooden seat.

hanoi-to-halong-bay-by-trainVisiting Halong Bay by train is enjoyable (,q_65/c_fill,w_1295,h_809,f_auto/w_80,x_15,y_15,g_south_west,l_klook_water/activities/n2t3cwgfhrnxlnd77rhb/TourThamQuanV%E1%BB%8BnhH%E1%BA%A1Long.jpg)

In 2015, I had a chance to visit Halong Bay with my family, and we went there from Hanoi by train. I still remember the peaceful feeling of sitting by the windows and enjoying beautiful sceneries along the way. Although the journey lasted for 7 hours, we did not feel bored at all.

From Gia Lam station, there is a Halong express train available for tourists. You can book a ticket on its official website to have quality time on the train before exploring Halong Bay.

Wrapping It Up

Halong Bay is the well-known destination that every tourist should visit once in their lifetime. There are several ways to travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay, and this article has shown you the four most popular means of transportation. The choice is entirely yours!

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