How Can A Female Beat The Fear And Loneliness When Taking A Solo Trip?

How Can A Female Beat The Fear And Loneliness When Taking A Solo Trip?

This article is for solo female travellers! After reading these tips, you might hardly hold yourself back from fulfilling your travel dream.

Many a time have I felt that traveling alone is a mental and emotional challenge. I guess you do too!

Solo traveling means that while sometimes in front of you is a breathtaking landscape, nobody’s there with you to share the joy of admiring it. Sometimes you desperately desire to speak your mother tongue with the ones you meet or have no friend take photos for you. Sometimes it's that lost feeling without knowing where to start after browsing tonnes of travel sites.

But all that is just the very first feeling and difficulty when you are new to solo travel. Once discovering new corners of the world becomes an indispensable part of your life, you will be thankful to yourself for deciding to face the loneliness before.

I know for sure that even if you are brave and careful enough, you would feel a little worried when it comes to solo travel, which leads to your hesitance to make up your mind.


Here are top tips for women traveling solo I have just put together. If you want to get rid of loneliness and find some inspirations, don’t skip any suggestion.

1. Keep an open mind

Traveling solo doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stick to the original plan.

You will be tension-free if you don’t worry too much about what you have to see or do. So go with the flow.

Stop imagining too much how the trip will be. In fact, it’s possible that you will encounter problems that are hard to live up to your expectations or the unpredictable changes and adaptations to your trip.

Be open to new adventures and opportunities that arise during the trip. Maybe it provides you with a good chance of discovering yourself and building up new relationships.

2. Choose a hostel to stay instead of a hotel

It is likely that you can afford to stay in luxurious hotels to get yourself a private space. However, when traveling alone, you should try staying in a hostel. It’s not only because of the reasonable price but also because there are a lot of friends from all walks of life, with whom you can share your stories and traveling hobbies.

When you are surrounded by the people of the same traveling passion with you, loneliness would no longer linger in your mind.

3. Gain a deep insight into the destinations of your interest on the way

Have you ever decided to visit somewhere just as you read about it from books or watched it in a movie?

The place can impress you at first sight, but I’m certain that there’s a lot more to attract you than its appearance. Dig down the story behind each destination so that you will find inspirations and enrich your traveling experience.

4. Enjoy your time by disconnecting the social media

Being a female traveler, you may lead a busy life and have to go online for work or friend connections. But you know what? A break from screens and the internet offers you more freedom than you think.

You are not disrupted and able to fully enjoy your present moments. It’s more worth spending your time taking a walk, going sightseeing, and gulping in the fresh air.

5. Meet the locals and experience local life

Strolling around the markets, talking with the natives, buying local crafts and trying the local food can be a great way of connecting to the local life. You can even get closer to the locals by staying in locally owned accommodation, helping them with some daily activities when in need.

So, make it a meaningful and memorable trip that you will always want to reflect on.

Are you ready to embark on the first solo trip? I hope the above tips can help you get past your fear!