The Ideal Activities That Make Your Family Holiday In Vietnam Perfect

The Ideal Activities That Make Your Family Holiday In Vietnam Perfect

A family trip to Vietnam would be unforgettable memories, especially when you travel with kids. This article provides you with excellent ideas for your family holiday.

It is always a brilliant idea for family members to share travel experiences.

Do you find it complicated to make a decision about where to go on the upcoming holiday with your family? If so, Vietnam should be in your bucket list because this country offers a lot of worth-trying activities, which are not only exciting for parents but also suitable for kids.

Here are our recommendations for 5 best activities for a Vietnam family vacation that you should try once in your life.

Top 5 activities for Vietnam family holiday

1. Discover the amazing Hanoi with cultural and entertaining space


Visit Uncle Ho's mausoleum

Don't worry if your children get bored with cultural and historical spots since there many amusement centers in Hanoi for kids to enjoy.

The best choice for your family is to stroll around the Old Quarter where you find all kinds of goods or walk along the Hoan Kiem lake on pedestrian streets where your kids can take part in a wide range of games from traditional to modern ones. It’s also a memorable moment for you to watch the water puppets show in the theater near the lake with your loved ones.

Taking a food tour around Hanoi is such a great idea as this city offers a variety of mouth-watering street food. You can encounter vendors selling specialties on every street corner, so you don’t have to stay hungry for long even when walking a lot.

What’s more, you have an opportunity to try your hands at making the pottery in Bat Trang ceramic village. Learning to work with the clay, trim and glaze pots and fill the kiln in the warmest welcome from the native craftsman is an unforgettable experience. The kids will be given some offcuts to play with, while you may take a tour around all of the intriguing workshops.

2. Have a peaceful, relaxing weekend in Ninh Binh


Traveling to Ninh Binh, you should book a local homestay, which will provide you with community-based adventures. It is a once-in-a-life opportunity for you to not only admire the breathtaking scenery but also experience the daily life activities of local people.

A quick drive away from the homestay will bring you senses of delight and gratification as all members of your family can relish the glory of rice paddies and lush scenery.

A paddleboat tour in Trang An and Tam Coc is a not-to-miss activity in Ninh Binh. The boatman will paddle you along the gentle river, in the shadow of enormous, jungle-covered karsts, which create tranquil and stunning views.

Another choice is to go trekking at Bich Dong Pagoda, one of the most iconic sights in Ninh Binh.

Or you can choose to explore the Van Long Wetlands, a miraculous marshy reserve. One of the favorite activities here is bird watching, and it's also home to a wide range of bird types. To get a unique insight into this idyllic scenery, book a boat tour to discover this remote area.

3. Take a trip to the appealing Halong bay


Make Halong Bay kayak trips with your kids

What makes Ha Long Bay so impressive are the numerous limestone isles protruding out of the emerald water, creating beautiful shapes against the sky. Whether you simply look for brilliant photos or search for caves, jungles to trek through and beaches to explore, Ha Long Bay will not let you down.

Which activities you do at Halong Bay with your kids is totally up to you. You can consider it as a leisurely cruise by hanging around on the boat and soaking in the scenery, or taking part in adventurous activities such as kayaking, visiting floating villages, caves, and beaches.

Whatever you choose, there is no doubt that a trip to Halong Bay will be one of the most memorable ways to enjoy Vietnam with kids.

4. Head towards Central Vietnam with the outstanding attraction of Hoi An


Spending a holiday in Vietnam, you will probably want to seek quiet moments with your family. One of the favorite things to do in Hoi An is exploring its ancient town.

In Hoi An ancient town, you have the chance to wander around the winding streets, go shopping for souvenirs and handicrafts at art shops, stop off for a Vietnamese coffee or beer in the charming courtyard restaurants that line up the streets.

Notably, a boat cruise along the river at night will be a highlight as you and your beloved ones can enjoy the beauty of brightly colorful floating lanterns. I bet that your kids would look forward to holding a lantern and releasing it into the water.

A farming or fishing Tour is one of the best tours for your family. It is a great way to see the beautiful countryside surrounding Hoi An and educate your kids about the local lifestyles apart from the beaches and swimming pools.

5. Travel down to Mekong Delta


The local lifestyle of this southern region will impress you. Nowhere else can you find such an opportunity to feel like a local. Don’t miss experiencing the largest floating market in the country. Get up early and take a voyage across the channels, and observe how the locals trade their fresh fruits and vegetables on the river.

What you can do with your kids is to take a wooden boat to one of many spectacular islands where you can visit the orchard, bee farms, and try your hands at fishing and making coconut candies.

Some notes for a memorable family trip to Vietnam

A family vacation to Vietnam needs a little preparation and readiness, especially when you go with small kids. Check out these tips to have a safer and more thrilling holiday.

  • There are lots of facilities for small children in big cities. Most of them provide appropriate ways of entertainment for kids. It’s secure to connect your kids with the locals as they are really friendly.
  • Traveling to the beach on holiday can be dangerous from time to time. So keep an eye on your children, get prepared for unexpected situations.
  • As the traffic is pretty chaotic in the big cities, it’s better to stay away from rush hours and be careful before crossing the streets.
  • In case you travel during the wet season, avoid going to mountainous areas and regions affected by floods.

Are you planning to go to Vietnam for the family vacation? I hope this article can help you to make the best of the time with your family members on a precious holiday.