Saigon Nightlife - Attractiveness Of The Sleepless City

Saigon Nightlife - Attractiveness Of The Sleepless City

Saigon nightlife captures tourists with a lot of activities going on. So why does Saigon have such attractive attraction when night falls? Let's explore with us!

Dubbed as "The city that never sleeps" of Vietnam, when the sun fades, and the lights turn on the road, it is the time for the new rhythm of life begins in Saigon. As of late, the city even puts on a charming "makeover" with many bustling and vibrant places to eat, play, and visit until the morning.

So, let's explore the most popular fun and exciting activities to experience an unforgettable nightlife in Saigon.

Check-in at the Walking Street in the center of Saigon

If you think that Walking Street is only for daytime activities, you are wrong because the most exciting atmosphere of the street is going to show up at night.

To fully appreciate the charm of Saigon night, pedestrians can comfortably enjoy full of elegant pleasures of a resident.

You can sit on the side of Saigon River to soak up in the relaxed and fresh atmosphere with your friends and family or take lifetime photos when check-in at the 108-year-old City People's Committee Office and House Treasury Water, which are the historical architectural works built during the French colonial period.


Admire the night beauty of Saigon in Bui Vien Street

You should choose Saturdays or Sundays to pay a visit to the Walking Street because there are a lot of exciting and attractive street art programs going on such as fashion shows, performances of bands and so on. Therefore, don’t forget to spend your vibrant weekend at the Walking Street.

Admire the beauty of nightlife in Saigon at a 269-meter high Eon Café

If you are not a fan of crowding places, consider “hiding” in many tranquil cafes along the Walking Street. You can sip delicious drinks, mingle with the live orchestra, and observe the gorgeous night view of Saigon from its numerous rooftop cafes. Eco Café is the ideal choice if you want to admire the view of Saigon at night from the 50th floor and enjoy delicious food.

Don’t forget to visit Western Street

The Western Street is a firm affirmation of any real players whenever mentioning the best entertainment venue at night in Saigon.

The bustling Western Street stretches along De Tham, Do Quang Dau, Bui Vien, and Pham Ngu Lao streets in District 1. This place seems to be the most vivid evidence for the youthful and lively lifestyle of Saigon people with plenty of sidewalk pubs, restaurants, and travel service companies. Besides a wonderful place for enjoying nightlife Saigon, perhaps Western Street is where you can find out your best tour trip in Vietnam.


Visit the Western Street in Saigon

Speaking of Bui Vien, most of the tourists will think of popular and exciting bars such as Beer Bui Vien, Chillax Skybar, Le Pub, etc, which bring both the cozy and attractive atmosphere with outstanding Filipino and Acoustic Bands.

So, when stopping by these bars, don’t forget to choose your favorite seat and sit down for a few cold beers, and try out delicious street foods . You can see everything and listen to every language from around the world in a little small corner.

Fill up your belly through the night in the famous food streets

It would be a big mistake not to mention the eating and drinking part when it comes to enjoying real pleasures in Saigon. Saigon stands out among other regions in Vietnam with its fantastic street foods with reasonable price and unforgettable taste.

The weather in Saigon during daytime is uncomfortable due to the high temperature, so nighttime is the most perfect to hang out at these streets and enjoy mouth-watering foods. There’s no need to go anywhere far as you can fill your stomach at the 700 m2 wide dining area on Thu Khoa Huan Street, District 1 right next to Ben Thanh Street Food Market.

Numerous dishes coming come from North - Central - South of Vietnam like Pho, Halong squid rolls, break rice sheets, vermicelli, fish noodle, lotus leaf rice, BBQ and so on.

In addition to the Vietnamese menu, this food market also offers Asian - European cuisine like Korean ice cream, Japanese sushi, Thai ice cream, and fried chicken. All are processed in one place, ensuring hygiene and safety so that you can rest assured about the quality of these dishes in the market.

So, make sure not to miss out delicious and popular dishes with their irresistible flavors . That is not including the smoothies, fruit, and coffee that sell into the street, creating a bustling and busy atmosphere until late at night.

According to my experience, you had better learn to restrain yourself unless you want to empty your money because of the food here.

Enjoy a movie night - New entertainment of Saigon Nightlife

Watching movies at night is an exciting experience enjoyed by tourists when coming to Saigon and now also attracts many movie-loving citizens.

You can admire both the beauty of the sky at night and enjoy a great video at the movie theater Le Cong Kieu.

This unique theater located on a terrace in the middle of the city center is always packed with movie addicts watching their favorite films in the fresh breeze from the Saigon River.

Now it’s time to try it yourself!

Saigon is famous for beautiful and imposing landscapes for exploring, so it is the reason why there are a lot of tourists wanting to choose the pretty place for your trip.

Furthermore, there are a lot of beautiful and attractive things in nightlife Saigon for your enjoying. Hope that after the post, you will understand more about beautiful and interesting things at night in Saigon. Besides these activities, you can also enjoy Vespa after dark, visit the flower night market and so on to feel all beautiful things in there.

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