Top 4 Best Restaurants In Hanoi Will Make You Love At First Sight

Top 4 Best Restaurants In Hanoi Will Make You Love At First Sight

“What to eat in Hanoi?” is perhaps the most frequently asked question of any newcomers during their first visit to this beautiful capital city.

Vietnamese cuisine has long received numerous praises and awards both domestically and internationally because of its distinctive and one-of-a-kind flavours. However, finding a satisfactory Vietnamese restaurant that fits the description above is not a piece of cake.

Let’s go on an unforgettable culinary journey through the top 4 Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi to find the answer for yourself!

Quan Sanh Restaurant

The chain of Quan Sanh Restaurants is an exciting place for all customers who love traditional Vietnamese features. Quan Sanh Restaurant stands out with a spacious, airy and uniquely designed space. When coming here, you will be immersed in a cozy and enclosed area, which brings a relaxed and comfortable space to enjoy your meals.


Quan Sanh’s space

The special thing in the menu that is worth mentioning is two sets of cow and chicken that has made the brand of this restaurant. There are seven attractive dishes in one set which are cooked and prepared thoroughly by experienced chefs in order to please even the most demanding guests. The menu of Quan Sanh Restaurant has truly made lots of tourists have to praise this restaurant for the first time.

Moreover, Quan Sanh Restaurant is also creative in each hotpot’s flavour so that customers can enjoy new experiences with traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Additionally, all tasty dishes are made of the freshest ingredients which are carefully selected.

In such a luxurious space, enjoying some delicious and attractive dishes will be a more interesting thing than ever that everyone coming to Hanoi should not miss.


Quan Sanh’s dish

Quan Xua Restaurant

In this bustling city, finding a peaceful and rustic space to savor delicious meals is a great thing, and Quan Xua Restaurant is precisely the top culinary Vietnamese destination for customers who love and appreciate the Vietnamese cuisines.


Quan Xua

Located in the center of Hanoi, Quan Xua Restaurant blows a new wind into the heart of the capital by its unique architectural style with the recreation of the old Vietnamese village. In the middle of the crowded street with many modern high-rise buildings, this restaurant becomes entirely outstanding; its beauty is rustic simplicity but not luxury.

In addition, apart from its appearance, the dishes are the soul of Quan Xua Restaurant. You can have a taste of dishes originating from different regions in Vietnam. The chef puts his heart in each plate to send the customers the most delicious flavours. The owner of this restaurant, who have a passion for food, always explores and learns how to cook different dishes to ensure customers the best culinary experience as well as provide the own unique novelty of Quan Xua Restaurant.


Quan Xua’s dish

It would be a great pity coming to Quan Xua Restaurant but not enjoying "Muong pork". Customers always favor this dish because of its unique and diverse flavour and eye-catching presentation. Quan Xua Restaurant has contributed significantly to the varied cuisine map in Hanoi.


Muong pork

Hem Quan Restaurant

Hem Quan is not a strange name when people talk about Vietnamese restaurants due to many reasons. This restaurant includes three branches, each of which impresses diners with its own uniqueness from modern to classic architectural style.


Hem Quan

Vietnamese dishes are not only loved by foreign tourists but also receive great attention and support from local people. It is the reason that the chain of Hem Quan restaurant is born to satisfy the passion for food of many Vietnamese people who are always looking for delicious Vietnamese restaurants.

If you are interested in the Southern cuisine and eager to enjoy Southern meals in Hanoi, you should not miss the chance of coming to Hem Quan Restaurant. Indeed, customers who come to Hem Quan Restaurant are mainly those who have fallen in love with the delicious dishes of the Southern region or who have never tried it before, so they are curious to discover.

While many people are regular visitors, there is also a considerable number of newcomers, but the most important point is that they all enter with a cheerful mood and leave with a satisfied smile.

Hem Quan Restaurant is sure to please any guests who come here to seek some mouth-watering dishes within over 180 different and unique recipes, coming from the city named after Uncle Ho, such as beef, seafood, snail, crab, and so on.

Without exaggeration, Hem Quan Restaurant may now be said to be one of the best restaurants in Hanoi Vietnam for foreign travelers in their first trip to Vietnam who desire to savour both Northern and Southern cuisine.


Hem Quan’s dishes

Ao Quan Restaurant

There is nothing better than enjoying a peaceful meal after a long hard working day. Having a green space with a pure and peaceful atmosphere in the middle of this modern, bustling capital, Ao Quan Restaurant is a perfect place for tourists coming to experience the countryside cuisine.


Ao Quan

Although Ao Quan is hidden in the small alley of Dong Tac street, it is always crowded with food lovers and you have even to make reservations to enjoy meals.

Customers will have a chance to recall the old days at their hometown or immerse in the fresh and relaxing atmosphere. From the restaurant’s space to its dishes, everything takes the customers on an emotional train of seeing their hometown in every corner of this restaurant.


Ao Quan’s dish

Countryside’s flavour that you find it hard to enjoy in Hanoi can be found in this restaurant. It must be a good time with both good wine and delicious dishes to confide in your best friends about everything in life.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy Hanoi’s dining scene, you can find some well-known restaurants in Hanoi old quarter - a central area - where a lot of tourists gather together to savour diverse dishes. Vietnamese restaurants which are located here are countless.

In addition to those restaurants, there are many other restaurants for you to choose. If you are in need of a simple meal, some vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi old quarter are worth your try! Moreover, such normal but special food as banh mi Vietnamese sandwich even can be served here. Hanoi old quarter is also an ideal place for Vietnamese people to enjoy foreign foods such as Japanese restaurants, French restaurants in Hanoi old quarter.

In conclusion, there is no exaggeration to say that Vietnamese cuisine is rich and diverse in flavours. Along with the development of society, Vietnamese cuisine, together with the harmonious convergence of cuisine from North to South, has made a strong impression on food lovers all over the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover Vietnamese distinctive cuisine in the restaurants suggested above for an unforgettable culinary journey.