Stir Up Your Appetite With The Scrumptious Hanoi Street Food

Stir Up Your Appetite With The Scrumptious Hanoi Street Food

Are you wondering what to eat in Hanoi? This article will give you a wide range of local food with the most delicious taste that you must try in your trip to this ancient capital.

A first glance at the rich cuisine in Hanoi

Besides interesting trips to the most important historical and cultural highlights, what else travelers can do when in Hanoi? The answer is absolutely the ‘food tour’.

When you are in the middle of Hanoi, let’s grab a motorbike or get on the cyclo to travel around the old quarters and stop at some stalls on the pavements to enjoy the special street food in Hanoi.

We ensure that the Hanoi street food tour will bring you a lot of fascinating experiences while enjoying different kinds of dishes which have a traditionally scrumptious flavor, a great appearance, and a diversity of materials.

One-day food tour from dusk till dawn in Hanoi

If you are still wondering about what to eat, let’s follow us in the Hanoi food tour with several delicious specialities from the morning until the night!

A great breakfast for your great start!

Start your nice day by enjoying a super-tasty bowl of Pho, which is the most outstanding food that every foreigner has to try in their trip to Vietnam. A great combination of fresh beef, noodles, and cilantros mixed in a flavory soup will bring you the best taste and scent that make you fall in love at the first try. You can have a scrumptious bowl of pho at Pho Thin - 13 Lo Duc, Pho - 10 Ly Quoc Su, Pho Vui - 25 Hang Giay, or Pho Suong - 24 Ngo Trung Yen.

On the other hand, we think that ‘banh mi’ is also a good choice for you! With a rich flavor of pork, ham, or eggs and a special kind of sauce inside a crispy bread, ‘banh mi’ gives you the best mixture of a traditional food in Vietnam. You can catch a lot of stalls selling ‘banh mi’ on the pavements on many streets in the middle of Hanoi. Let’s grab one and enjoy!

After filling your stomach by a yummy dish, don’t forget to have a coffee to get started for a day full of energy! Here are some ideal suggestions of the coffee shops that you must take a look!

Coffee - Source: Vietnamese-coffee.jpg
The finest lunch ever with a wide range of specialities

We want to introduce to you a dish which has a strange fragrance that you have never tried before. This is ‘bun dau mam tom’, a kind of food with a unique flavor from the mixture of pork, fried-tofu, and special different ingredients. Particularly, the food is eaten with ‘mam tom’, a shrimp paste which is a secret key to a good ‘bun dau mam tom’. We recommend you some of the most outstanding restaurants and diners where serve the best ‘bun dau mam tom’ that are worth your try!

Bun dau mam tom - Source: bun-dau-mam-tom-2-e1505460520519.jpg

‘Banh cuon’ is another ideal food that you should give a try! This dish is one of the definitive Northern Vietnamese food with a delicate flavor from minced pork and wood ear mushrooms that are rolled into a thin slice of rice flour. ‘Banh cuon’ is usually served with ‘cha que’ - a special kind of Vietnamese ham, and a little fish sauce, which distributes to enrich the taste of this food. You can eat the best ‘banh cuon’ in Hanoi at Banh cuon Ba Hanh - 26B Tho Xuong, Banh cuon Thanh Tri - which is originated from a northern village of Thanh Tri, or Banh Cuon Ba Hoanh - 66 To Hien Thanh.

You want to try some Vietnamese food made by a traditional recipe? ‘Banh xeo’, which is also considered as the Vietnamese pancake will be a perfect choice! It is gilded with turmeric and filled with shrimps, bean sprouts and thinly sliced pork inside. You can wrap ‘banh xeo’ in the rice paper roll with different types of raw vegetables to create a great combination with a traditional flavor. Banh xeo Sau Phuoc (Alley 3 Ham Long Street), where banh xeo is seared in a small pan until it turns crispy but not too oily is a fine suggestion for you!

Banh xeo - Source: Banh-Xeo-GiaHan.jpg
A perfect night with a fine dinner and several additional snacks

Don’t worry about night food in Hanoi! You will be surprised with a large number of dishes that serve you when night falls.

First of all, you have to try ‘bun cha’, which is indispensable food in your list of the food tour. ‘Bun cha’ - a charcoal-grilled pork patties and pork slices with rice vermicelli is best served with a cup of iced tea or beer. This food is now becoming too popular thanks to the mention of the U.S Former President Obama. And the diner that he used to enjoy ‘bun cha’ is Bun cha Huong Lien - 24 Le Van Huu. Let’s get there and try this delicious food!

In several street food in Hanoi, ‘cha ca la vong’ (la vong grilled fish) emerges as the fried turmeric marinated dish with traditional delicious taste. You can try this at 104 Nguyen Truong To, Thang Long restaurant - 21 Duong Thanh, or Cha ca Lao Ngu - 171 Thai Ha for best serving with ‘cha ca la vong’.


Cha ca la vong - Source: 5b3b6b9bc8846266832899.jpg

After a fine dinner, remember to take a walk around the St. Joseph’s Cathedral, have a cup of egg coffee - a must-try drink when in Hanoi, or a glass of lemon tea on the pavements while chatting to your friends. It is the daily activity of the local people, especially the young generation in Hanoi. Or you want to make your night more vibrant? A short movement to Ta Hien Street will bring you a noisy night by merging yourself in some local pubs with good music and beers!


Egg coffee - Source: 170224162906-img-10203-credit-cafe-giang.jpg

Our last words

On your trip to Vietnam, besides Hanoi, let’s take a foodie tour to other cities and provinces to discover the rich Vietnamese cuisine! Check out our site to get a full interesting tour itinerary to make up your best vacation in the beautiful Vietnam!